Accepted Papers

  1. Teresita Paccarangan. Confusion and Compilation Logs: A Study of Novice Programmer Experiences
  2. Jessie Brian Unabia Revil and Mark Allen Secreto Saclot. Word Prediction and Correction on EEG-Based Text Entry Interface for Handicapped Person using ANN Model
  3. Alexis Pantola, Deanne Erika Buena, Clarissa Mae Garcia, Celine Villafuerte and Allison Mae Yu. Delaying ARP Poisoning using an Active Network-Based Technique
  5. Shigeki Hagihara, Masahiko Tomoishi and Naoki Yonezaki. On Constructing Unification-based Proof Methods for Modal logics with First-order Undefinable Frames
  6. Ria Sagum, Maria Anjanette Felix, Jo Philip Lim, Bill Villaflor and Lorenz Yap. ELEXSIM: An Unsupervised English Lexical Simplification System with Multiword Expressions Handling
  7. Maria Katrina Donato, Nethania Katrina Surtida and Charles Jansen Ignacio. Genetic Algorithm Experiments in Classical Melody Generation
  8. Shota Araki and Shin-Ya Nishizaki. On Lazy Evaluation of RMI Calculus
  9. Ramon Rodriguez, Faramarz Ataollahi and Rafael Cabredo. Modelling and Detecting Emotions of Filipino Laughter using Audio Signal
  10. Kenneth Royce Brigola, Christine Joy Infante, Paolo Josef, Annalyn Reganit, Juan Lorenzo Hagad and Merlin Teodosia Suarez. Recupera: A Home-Based Post-Stroke Rehabilitation using the Kinect Sensor for Active Patients
  11. Roger Luis Uy, Joel D. Ilao and Rafael Cabredo. Optimizing Cost Function of Histogram of Oriented Gradient-based INRIA Dataset
  12. Courtney Ngo and Solomon See. Using machine learning to detect pedestrian locomotion from sensor-based data
  13. Ramon Rodriguez and Joel Ilao. Filipino Emotion Classification in Speech Signals based on Audio Features and Transcribed Text
  14. Rex Bringula, Aaron Noel De Leon, Daryll Santos, Jose Mari Ramos, Sean Michael Amador and Roselle Basa. RIANT: A Web-Based Visual Development Software
  15. Natalie Agustin and Solomon See. A Comparison of Sounds Produced by People with and without Hearing Impairment using an Acoustic-to-Articulatory Inversion Model for the Creation of a Visual Articulatory Feedback System
  16. Ma. Anne Therese Musong and Zyra Bravo. Generating Dietary Patterns for Type II Diabetes Mellitus Out-Patient using Constraint Logic Programming
  17. Gregory Cu, Jocelynn Cu, Fili Emerson Chua, Nikkol John Morales, John Lawrence Peñafiel and Jeno Paolo Rigor. Modeling DoS Attacks Using Machine Learning
  18. Jazmine Paola Barroga, Roland Joseph Gudani, Miguel Paolo Quijano and Andrei Coronel. A Comparative Analysis on Feature Weighting Techniques for Melodic Classification
  19. Thomas James Tiam-Lee and Solomon See. Building an Agreement-Objection Corpus using a Gamified Framework
  20. Francis Jomer Gallardo and Armina Francisco. A Solution to the Shortest Common Superstring Problem
  21. Jayzon Ty, Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo and Marc Ericson Santos. A Mobile Authoring Tool for Augmented Reality Content Generation Using Images as Annotations
  22. Jonathan Audric Matias, Regine Danica Regino and Christine Faith Tango. A Comparative Analysis of Different Distance Metrics from Different Families at Various Feature Reduction Levels Applied to Bach Chorales
  24. Nathaniel Oco, Leif Syliongka, Rachel Edita Roxas and Joel Ilao. Document Filtering and Cleaning: N-gram based Language Identification and Rule-based Grammar Checking
  25. Mauro Edmund Arce, Marvin Limson, Michelle Ormoc, Lawrence Yap and Merlin Teodosia Suarez. Creating Affect Models of Autism Individuals using Music Features and Physiological Readings
  26. Tita Herradura, Merlin Teodosia Suarez and Joel Ilao. Exploring the Behavior of Novice Programmers’ EEG Signals for Affect-based Student Modeling
  27. Conrad Olega, Aaron Manaloto, Karlo Soriano and Cedric Festin. TCP-Friendly Rate Control for WebRTC SCTP DataChannels
  28. Cedric Festin, Fatima Suzanne G. De Villa, Anna Janeri B. Ongcol and Bryan Adam B. Tan. Orange: A Content and Location Aware P2P-CDN Architecture with Integrated RTT-Bandwidth Based Peer Selection Protocol for Video-On-Demand Streaming
  29. Maritoni Escalona, Ricco Laxamana, Kevin Pagtakhan, Edward Tighe, Merlin Suarez and Rhia Trogo. Building a Music Provision System for College Students Based on Stress Levels
  30. John Roy Geralde and Kardi Teknomo. Feature Selection for Developing a Detection Strategy against Tamper of Grades from Malicious Insiders
  31. Joshua Castañeda, Elijah Joshua Cayabyab, Jonathan Danao and Cedric Festin. A Collaborative Resource Allocation Scheme for P2P Live Streams
  32. Adrian John Biton and Marie Yvette de Robles. Automated Karyotyping using Digital Image Analysis
  33. Joseph Benjamin Ferrer, Anthony Brian Dy, Christian Edensor Arbon and Cedric Festin. On Improving HTML5 Remote Desktop: An Encoding Solution At The Gateway Level
  34. Kier Sostenes Guevara, Redan Benedict Alcaide and Allan Sioson. Exploring Similarity of Lexical Features of C++ Programs
  35. Francis Bien Jan Viernes, Chynna Julia Cordevilla, Rafael Gerard Formes and Cedric Angelo Festin. SAME: An Extended Semantic-Aware Multi-tiered Source Deduplication Framework on Cloud Backup
  36. Val Randolf Madrid and Renior Abrea. Underwater Image Texture Segmentation using K-Statistical-Moment Means